Friday, 14 October 2016

Why is Silence Golden

Oh Sajad Why is Silence Golden was the question asked to me, and my reply;

Faqr or Contemplation can only happen with Silence and this is pondering on Dhikr or verses of Quran or poems or a sayings, the heart is allowed to Listen and even reply back to a question of Contemplation which otherwise is a locked door even if you lived 1000 years it will never open.

Thus Silence is Golden as Allah will reply through (ilham inspiration) when He talks to you through your Heart the (Seat Kuris) of Allah as the Heart is the Ka'baa of Man.

So it’s good to say quite in the day either close your eyes or just to look at the Beauty of Allah in Natural or look at Quranic verses or Islamic images of art and Ponder within your heart and allow it to Journey to Allah…  

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