Friday, 14 October 2016

Therapy is found through Poems

**The Pain of a Poem***
Poems express my heart's silence in pain,
The ink, my heart's weeping tears not in vain,
They paint a picture of inward suffering,
Sorrow, anguish and emotional state,
The joy they bring is therapy of peace,
Happiness, comfort to my heart's loss,
A beacon of light to release my suffering.
“Sufi Synergy Healing Approach”
- Sajad Ali - Instructor and Founder

Pain is good when it exhort nearness to Allah. As what Rumi said:
"Without pain, no healer would tend me.
I shall turn to total pain for You to heal me."

Composing a poem is the hearts expression of silence in pain.

One form of Therapy to cure pain is to release your grief with words. This helps you release and unleash trauma, (trauma is trapped negative Negative). Sometimes we are at loss with talking about our feelings that we get frustrated, and one method to channel that out is to express our pain through writing. 

And if you try this, you will find suddenly you can write a line or two if you turn your feelings into words which you cannot speak out. But may find writing suddenly allows you to speak through your fingers you start to paint a picture. 

And this is Therapy through poems, which is expressing ones grief through words, which soon allows the heart to breathe again to allow releasing of pain and trauma.

Sufi Healing Approach to Trauma and pain.
“Sufi Synergy Healing Approach”- Sajad Ali - Instructor and Founder
A Sufi Perspective Series, 
From my ~Sufi Healing Course ~ 

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