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My Sufic Duas

These are my Sufic Duas which i've typed some are very rare, others are my personal duas created through Sufic formula used in Trials and Problems, some are Sunnah Duas too.

Easy to read copy of Ayatul Hirz  known to others as Manzil.pdf

This a beauty 33 page of Quranic verses, which is used against Magic and Jinn Possession. 

Dua-Turning misfortunes into Blessing and Bliss. The secret of this dua is that Allah will accept one's prayer, grant them reward for their affliction or suffering, and replace it with something better. 

This is a Dua collated and I have called it "A drop that is Seven Oceans of Power" is how I've described this short powerful (Salawat of Pleading Aid). It is said scholars and saints have used a (similar salawat), in times of difficulties, hardship and need, it is Read 100 to 313 times. However this is my version is based on Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani’s original plead for help, I have also added Secret protection verses from Imam Shadhili’s Hizbul Bahr to further aid my call to Allah through Sayyiduna Rasul .

My finished (Bismillah ash-Sharifa) typed Arabic, English and Transliterate line by line of Wird Bismillah ash-Sharifa of Ghawth al Adhim Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani. (It has many Secrets first part has fastest way to increase Rizq from the Ghayb-Unseen and second part Protection by Unseen forces and last line opens Sainthood and many other benefits. 

 End dua of Wird Bismillah Sharifa (from Irfa' qadri wash-rah sadr wa yassir amri Exalt my worth, expand my breast for me and make my business easy) is also used in Muhyiddin Ibn Al-'Arabi's As-dawr al-a’la also known as hizb al-wiqaya. This part of the Dua is asking increase of Rizq and Easy for all Business Affairs. Also this whole Wird Bismillah ash-Sharifa dua is found in chapter 1 of The largest Book of Salawat shareef called Majmu'a Salawat ur-Rasul by Khawaja Abdul Rahman Choharvi 5 very large volume book set.

My finished typed Arabic, English and Transliterate line by line, beautiful Powerful Short Hizb by Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani.

Short - Powerful Dua Dispelling Worries of Settling Debts from Shaykh Hasan Al-Basri, taken from Shaykh Abdal Qadiri Jilani’s Gunyna al-Talib.

Some notes about: Sufic Dua to overcome Difficulties, Worries, Anxieties, being scared of enemies and Problems of life, which is reading one of the Secret Treasures under the Throne of Allah; La Hawla Wala Quwata illa Billah (500)

- La hawla wala quwwata illa bi-illah is a cure for 99 illnesses the less being depression and anxieties and is dua of Maddat placing your aqidah and Iman in trusting Allah and so is the above dua when facing majo hardships this will rescue you to safety.

- The Great Naqshbandi Sufi master Alf Sani Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi would recite the 500 la hawla wala quwwata illa bi-illah daily. I’ve also added from the Chishtiyya order who read the extra La Manjaa Minallahi ill ilayhi

- Cure for 70 types of difficulties Chishtiyya; this is read by the Chishtiyya Sufi order and is recited this 36 times La Malja'a Wa La Manjaa Minallahi illa ilayhi “O Allah! There is neither refuge nor any safety from You except in You.” In other words, “Difficulties are also sent by You, and only You can provide us safety from those difficulties.”

1st line from Imam Shadhili's Hizbul Bahr, next from Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani’s dua of Maddat to Sayyiduna Rasul closing line from Imam Shadhili's Hizbul Nasr-Victory Wird.

** My Personal Long version of Salawat Tunjina which i call Tunjina 'Azim **
This is my longer version of Salawat Tunjina which I call Salawat Tunjina 'Azim that I read after every salah; Salawat Tunjina 'Azim, is my personal dua, that is collated from many other duas of great Sufi masters, Ghawth al Adhim Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani, Sunnah dua of Distress and Difficulties, from "Mother of Supplications" of Shaykh `Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani, from Tariqah Idrisi, from Tariqah Qadiri Noshahi, From Imam Shadhili. I recite after every Salah and when making

My Wird Bahrul Jud (Supplication - Ocean of (infinite) Generosity (with Commentary notes in my comments)*Powerful Pray for Increasing ones Wealth beyond measure By M. Sajad Ali* (Disclaimer: please don't blame me if the world comes eating from the palm of your hands and wealth comes falling in abundance in blessings, raining and descending to your feet from heaven) Years of Personal Rizq Duas to create (Extremely Powerful effective prayers-Mujarab Dua) that will cause Ocean of Openings to flood in your life, you have been warned!

From the Secrets of Shadhili Masters
From the secrets of Shadhili Masters, below is Azeemiya, Idrisi Tahlil and Istighfar al-Kabir of Sayyidi Ahmad Ibn Idris given to the Sidi Ahmed Idrisi from the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in a state of wakefulness-(yaqadha). Tariqah Idrisiyyah is Sub-branch shooting of from the Shadhiliyyah Tariqah of Imam Shadhili, Just how the Darqawiyyah Tariqah is a sub-branch of Shadhili Tariqah too.

This is an 'ijaza-permission for all to recite Salawat Azeemiya, Idrisi Tahlil and Istighfar al-Kabir of Sayyidi Ahmad Ibn Idris (ra) from late, Qutb of Al-Azhar, Shaykh Saleh al-Jafari (ra) Merit of Salawat Azeemiyya, is such that it outweighs the Dalai'l al-Khayrat 20,000 times & more!

Shaykh Ahmad ibn Idris, may Allah be pleased with him, had a meeting in the waking state, with the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa Alihi wa sallam, and al-Khidr, alayhi assalam. The Prophet said to al-Khidr: “Ya Khidr: teach him that which joins together all of the dhikrs, salawat, and prayers for forgiveness of sins, and is superior in reward, larger in number, more exalted in worth, and greater in obtaining assistance.” Al-Khidr, alayhi assalam, said: “What is that, oh Prophet of Allah?” And so the Prophet, alayhi assalatu wassalam, taught him the Idrisi Tahlil, the Salawat Azeemiyya, and the Istighfar al-Kabir.

For a Commentary of Salawat Azeemiya, Idiris Tahlil and Istighfar al-Kabir and  'ijaza-permission given see link below from , Qutb of Al-Azhar, Shaykh Saleh al-Jafari.

* Behold the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in a state of wakefulness-(yaqadha).

In terms of meeting with and learning from the Prophet after his death, each of the three shaykhs [Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris, Sidi Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi, and Sidi  Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh] had this occur to them, both while asleep and while awake. Even more, in the later part of their lives, each of the shaykhs relied only on him and had recourse to none except him, [salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam]. 

Sidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh, was the shaykh of Sidi Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi, who in turn was the Shaykh of Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris-(was the shaykh of Sidi Muhammed Sanusi) there Tariqah is based on the teachings of the Shadhili path.

Thus the Silsila of ijaza and Shaykhs;
Sidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh
Sidi Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi
Sidi Ahmad ibn Idris
Sidi Muhammed as sanusi

Taken from My Commentary on the Powerful Salawat Nariyah.  Read about the Secrets of salawat/Durood  Naariyah-The Fire (Also Known Salawat Nariyah, Salawatu'l Tafreejiyyah and Salawatu-Taziyyah).

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