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Repeating Dua 7 times creates a protection

The writing below in the picture is that of 7 Surah al-Fatiha encompassing the name Muhammad in the middle. Note: Repeating Dua 7 times creates a protection shield as there are 7 levels of the soul and each level of the soul gets protected. And there are 7 ways to the heart and 7 directions to the body. All protection Duas are read 7 times, there are 7 Ha-Meem in Hizbul Bahr for protection.

This a reply to my Daughter age 8 (19th Oct 2015):
“abu ji, everything in Islam is read 3 or 7 times…”
Me: “yes my dear, and 7 times is for protection duas with blowing”

Some thoughts; Last night at Faqir’s house we were talking about Jinns and duas for Protection when Jinns sit on you while sleeping and so forth, (I will make a post about this and saying Ya Ghawth al Adhim Maddat to remove the Jinn) So I said, say “Ha-Meem la Yunsaruun”, for this is Sunnah and it puts fear into the enemy when they attack.

So this morning I’m teaching this to my daughter as she gets bullied at school, I said to her say “Ha-Meem la Yunsaruun” and then blow on her the girl who bullies you.

Then we got into the car I read Ya Raqibu 7 times and blew over my house, and then she saying “abu ji, everything in Islam is read 3 or 7 times…”

And I said “yes my dear, and 7 times is for protection duas with blowing” then She read automatically 7 Times Ha-Meem and Blow times in all 7 directions and then I said read "Kaaf Haa Ya 'Ain Sad, kifayatuna Haa-Meem 'Ain Sin Qaaf himayatuna Fasayakfikahumullahu wa huwas-sami'ul 'aleem". Which is still learning…

Currently I'm working on an updated version of My Hizbul Bahr Commentary to teach too.
My thoughts then drew on the number 7 and 7 times for Protection and curing duas, there are sunnah duas if you read so and so 7 times you cannot be harmed that day, the days are 7, there are 7 Ha-Meems used in Quran which are used in Hizbul Bahr, there 7 Heavens, there are 7 souls, there 7 words to Shadahah 7 ways to the heart to sin, you wash 7 times in Fiqh if a dog does urine... there are many others one could mention about the number 7 being used in Islam... but I will stop here.

Read my article; 7 Ha-Meem Protection from hell
Surahs which start with Ha-meem are also used are protection from hell

Prophet (peace be upon): "If the enemy raid you - then say (Haa-Meem laa yun-saruun) - they will not be Victorious."- Saheeh - Tirmidhi 1682.  

The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wasalam) said;
و حديث آخر رواية الترمذي : « إِنْ بَيَّتَكُمُ الْعَدُوُّ فَقُولُوا (حم) لاَ يُنْصَرُونَ »
"If the enemy raid you - then say 'Haa-Meem' - they will not be Victorious." 
(Haa-Meem laa yun-saruun) It's chain is Saheeh [authentic] - Tirmidhi.

As for the Seven Souls.
In the Qu'ran Allah calls us by these names they are all linked to our spiritual state from being lower than a cattle or devil or higher than an angel at a Saintly level there are their names:
1 - An-Nafs al-Ammara - Inciting to evil self
2 - Nafs al Lawwamah - Reproachful self
3 - Nafs al Mulhimah - Inspired Self
4 - Nafs al Mutmainnah - Tranquil Self
5 - Nafs ar Radiyyah - Content Self
6 - Nafs al Mardiyyah - Pleasing Self
7 - Nafs al-Kamila - Perfect Self

Below is the references to these names on my Sufi site, giving Light/Aura, Location, Quran Reference, Traits and Habits of them.

Sufi Table of the Levels of Seven Nafs/Souls and Attributes by me from my Sufi website;

Also see article;

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