Thursday 20 October 2016

List of Audios and Videos

 List of Audios and Videos 

Starts with Salawat Fatih and ends with Salawat Tunjina. 8.31 mins long.

3 The Fuqara of Sidi Hamza sining the Burda in London Masjid
with Shaykh BaBikr and many other Shuyukh London 2011

*From 24 mins to 27 mins into this amazing lecture, you will suddenly have a completely different understanding of this Merciful noble gentle Deen* And I would say its a Must to listen to it all.
Be A Guardian: Cover Other's Faults - Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa  (40 mins) just amazing enough to make to think and do Tawba be careful about others. (From 27.50 mins the talk hit my heart with tears)

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