Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to increase your memory with Surah Fatiha

"Whoever desires to obtain sound comprehension and memorization and to remove stupidity and forgetfulness should write Surah al-Fatiha 7 times and wash it down with water from a well. Then drink it with honey for seven days." From "Book of The Great Name of Allah By al-Qutb Shaykh Uthman Dan Fuduye"

How to increase your memory with the power of 7 holy verses which contain all secrets of all the 104 Holy books (4 books and 100 suhuf scrolls) revealed Mankind which verses the Quran talks about too Surah al-Fatiha..

Shortly after posting the above this happen below;
A brother who I won't mention, saw me in a dream (Friday) night and in his dream i was telling him to read Surah Fatiha 7 times then blow! He contacted and asked, What does that mean ?

So i said "you got that too, in your dream! Because the same night via Whatsapp a sister asked me how to increase in Knowledge, to which i said read al-Fatiha 100 times over water and blow into it then drink" and this is her text;

"As-salamu alaykum Brother, How are you? I hope you are ok and pray you are in good health. Could I kindly ask if there's any dua for Knowledge pls"

My method and my reply: (Read Al Fatiha 100 times) blow into a cup of water and drink, 1st make niyyah-Intention before you read (that being to increasing knowledge) recite any salawat 3 or 11 times at the beginning, then read 100 Surah Al-Fatiha finally recite any salawat first 3 or 11 times then blow into the water, this should be for 7 days or just make a daily practice. (my preference is 100 times then 70 times)

So he was being invited to that too through the dream as i gave someone to read 100 al-Fatiha and then blow into a cup and read it.

Some notes to follow:
The Method: Use Saffron as (ink) and Rose water) as this is traditionally used;

That is Using Saffron and Rose water to write with and if you have Zam Zam (it’s pure well water) use it to wash with into bowl after add honey and drink...  (You can also buy Zam Zam or find a  local well)

You get (Saffron) diluted it with (Rose water) so that is now drinkable ink you get a tray which is your surface you write the whole of surah al faitha and then wash with Well water (if you Zam-zam that is the same) that all into a bowl (add honey) and drink. Repeat this 7 times.

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